In June 1994 The Ecomuseum of the Valleys of the Àneu,was opened to the public.(L´Ecomuseu de les valls d’Àneu). Today, this institution is a living entity which starting with research, conservation, and reinstating the integral part of our heritage, wants to participate and act with the economic and social development of the Àneu valleys and, also, the rest of the Pallars.


The Ecomuseu de les valls d’Àneu was born out of a new museum concept, where the visitor can participate, in an active way into the ways of life of the Pallars at the beginning of the century. .

The Ecomuseu enables one to get to know better the natural and cultural life of the Àneu region and the changes that have happened over the last decades. We offer the public a fully guided visit on the past and present of the area and proposals on possibilities for the future.

In a different way to traditional museums the Ecomuseu is not restricted to one building. It is distributed over the territory as a whole , in order to explain more clearly the life of the inhabitants. The Ecomuseu works around the centres of patrimony dispersed in the Àneu villages.

Today, we offer you several centres: Casa Gassia, the hydraulic saw-mill in Alós d’Isil all the monuments of Son, the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere del Burgal (12th century) of Escaló and the hydroelectric station of Sant Maurici d’Espot.